It is the Policy of the Company that its operations are conducted in a way as to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of all employees at work, and all other persons who may be affected by its activities.


  • To prevent injury to all persons associated with the Companies operations, damage to property and the subsequent waste of resources.
  • To provide personal protective equipment where it is considered necessary or for which there are legal requirements.
  • Ensure that all staff receives adequate health and safety training and that all reasonable measures are taken to eliminate or minimise the risk.
  • To ensure that all incidents occurring on the premises are reported and investigated promptly.
  • Keep all health and safety measurements under constant review with a view to achieving reduction in accident rates by analysis of causes and trends.
  • Ensure that all persons comply with the health and safety rules and codes of practice and take reasonable steps to safeguard their own and others’ health and safety whilst at work.
  • The Company regards the client requirements as the minimum standard to be achieved in health and safety.
  • The Company will comply with all statutory requirements.

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