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Due to our unique structure and emphasis upon one to one customer service, we are able to tailor our service package to your exact needs, whether you are a pan-European organisation or a single location end user.

It is often the case in very large organisations that service levels can differ from one area to another and strict company policies can stop some branches offering the best service. This is NOT the case with IADA, our members are made up of highly successful independent authorised distributors, who were some of the most customer focused companies in the UK.

At IADA our 19 members pool resources and knowledge to provide our customers with the highest level of service, the most flexible supply package, with problem solving in mind…you may be surprised what a difference IADA could make to your business.

Our Services

Workshop Facilities Icon

Workshop Facilities

IADA‘s Engineering Services offers a capability to manufacture a wide range of high quality products to meet the most demanding market sectors in the UK.

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Motor Rewinding Icon

Motor Rewinding

IADA offers an extensive rewind service in both AC and DC style motors, with a workshop capacity up to and including 800 kilowatts which is tailored to meet the specific service levels required.

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Gearbox Refurbishment Icon

Gearbox Refurbishment

As well as supplying World Class new gearboxes , IADA is well placed to service and repair gearboxes, operating from specialist gearbox centres across the UK, offering a comprehensive and high quality support service.

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Vendor Consolidation Icon

Vendor consolidation

IADA recognise their customers require a broad range of products usually sourced from a large supplier base, with the individual cost of administration and keeping such a supplier base on file being substantial.

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Managed Inventory Icon

Managed Inventory

IADA will complete an ABC analysis of stock and historic usage to promote a planned stock programme and lead time analysis on items required.

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OEM part Conversion Icon

OEM part Conversion

A wide range of component parts are often purchased direct from the OEM supply source under a variety of different part numbering systems.

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Energy Saving Icon

Energy Saving

European Directives and UK Government initiatives, together with rising energy costs are driving industry to reduce energy consumption.

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Plant Surveys Icon

Plant Surveys

IADA is well placed to support your Asset Management Programme, by inventory analysis, usage reports and plant surveys.

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Vending Systems Icon

Vending Systems

Industrial Vending Machines are increasingly being used in the UK Market to assist our customers in managing their stocks, reducing costs, whilst offering full 24/7 access to engineering consumables.

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