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Aerospace Tech Week

Event Date(s): Wed, 3 Nov, 01:00 – Thu, 4 Nov, 01:00 CET

Event Location(s): Centre de Congrès et d’Exposition Diagora

Aerospace Tech Week

Taken from the event website:

Aerospace Technology Week is the annual gathering of the world’s leading aerospace companies to discuss and develop the systems and solutions to meet the needs of the evolving commercial aviation and aerospace defence industries. The show brings you the latest developments in avionics and cockpit technologies, aircraft connectivity (air-to-ground and nose-to-tail), airline e-Enablement, fght operations software, fuel effciency, MRO software, regulatory, policy, technical SES and next-generation challenges, plus the testing systems that affect the design, construction and maintenance of all commercial and military aircraft (both hardware and software). Aerospace Technology Week comprises of the following SIX events (& more to follow) and each has a dedicated high level conference.

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